Hmmmm, It seems that all of you here have piqued my interest. I hear much praise from my exarchs about you. You seemed to have earned their recognition and trust. So much so that you have been sent to me. It’s funny cause this is either your lucky day, or you’re up shit’s creek. But that all depends on how all of you preform. Do well and I shall let you bask in my infinite power. Do poorly and you will make me upset… And let me assure you, you do not want to make. Me. Upset.

Now then. You will become my eyes, ears and limbs. An extension my great self. I give you all the privilege of serving your god and master so closely and exclusively. Accept my great gifts of power! Conquer all that lays ahead of you! You shall be henceforth known as Harbingers of Xin!

Infinite Duress

Janus Gedeihen thc88 Solomar Ashen_Ouroboros Sigmanimus