Better Left Undead

Now rise up and fight for Xin


Better left undead are a five piece metal band of a race known as Illians. They are human like in appearance though their ears are long and pointed, and their limbs are slightly longer than the average human’s.

Septimus: Front man. male. 175 cm with long black hair. His sweeping ears have multiple piercings, both studs and rings. He has a slight, but toned build. Like all members his eyes are fully black. When not in concert he is usually seen in black tee shirt with a depiction of a demon in white on its front. In concert he wears elaborate costumes. He speaks in a “death growl”

Ethelia: Percussionist. female. 190 cm. Dreadlocked green hair, usually tied back. well muscled, especially upper body. she has Snake bite piercings, and a collar tattoo, mostly covering the back of her neck. She usually wears a grey sleeveless shirt, and black pants.

Volner: Rythm guitarist. male. 220 cm. He shaves his head, but wears a large beard bound by a gold ring. He is heavily muscled, and covered in tribal tattoos. He is usually seen shirtless in 3/4 pants. Additional instruments: piano, harpsichord

Desmonde: Lead guitarist. female. 185 cm. Long silver-blond hair vivid dark pink streaks. She has a slight, lithe build, and sports a nose piercing. She has a nose piercing, and a sleeve tattoo on her left arm. She usually wears a knee length black dress, and combat boots. Additional instruments: violin

Kahvar: Bassist. male. 180cm. He has long light brown hair, cropped short at the back.He has a slight beard. He is of medium build, and sports a star tattoo over his left eye.

All members of Better Left Undead have a mystical tattoo on the back of their necks.


Better Left Undead come from a planet conquered by Xin, largely conquered by Better Left Undead. The band was suffering a massive loss after the failure of their second album. In desperation they entered into a Faustian bargain with a what they thought to be a muse. The spirit however had been killed and replaced by a Harbinger of Xin named Yastaful. The Harbinger gave Better Left Undead great power but the price was to bind them to Xin’s cause. They began writing music about Xin that through their new gifts became immensely popular. People that are exposed to their live performances become worshipers of Xin themselves. When Xin arrived on the planet he found it already full with worshipers.

Better Left Undead

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