Blutverräter 'Verrä'

Look at all these poor souls that have rebuked Xin's love. Oh well, kill them all


Essentially human in appearance, though her eyes appear to be similar to those of a feline. She has a thick mane of fire red hair, that she leaves loose and wild. Her forehead still bears what appears to be a fresh wound: the eye of Xin, that will still occasionally weep blood. She is slight of build, 1.64 metres tall, and weighing only 40 kilos. Her skin is pale, and her eyes bright green.


Blutverräter, Blood-Traitor in her native language, wears her name like a badge of honour. Once a high priestess on a planet called Kortath she turned to the worship of Xin in the battle of Abdul-Asarin. Xin, wielding the massive magical power at his command called down a gargantuan energy beam to strike the High Temple of Brental. Witnessing the destruction of the temple, and with it thousands of priests and civilians, Blutverräter used her magical abilities in an attempt to turn back time. Her hope was to evacuate the temple via secret underground tunnels before the temple was destroyed. Unfortunately the latent magic permeating the area caused her spell to go awry, instead looping time at the moment of the temple’s distruction. Forced to witness, again, and again the death of her people her mind shattered with the temple, leaving only one truth in its place; Xin’s power, and place as the only true god. Using her dagger she carved the eye of Xin deeply into her forehead(this now serves as her holy symbol), and proclaimed herself a servant of Xin. At this point she was given the name Blutverräter by her former god, (though she uses Verrä colloquially) and she earned it. Xin delighted in having a memeber of her otherwise obstinate race cross over to his worship, and she was given a position at the forefront of the extermination of her race. Now the only surviving member of her race she gives her life to the service of Xin in all ways. She has a rather paradoxical split in her personality; Empathetic, and caring she upholds all life, and will do her upmost to perseve it. Unless she is given orders from Xin to do otherwise, in which case she would murder a child with a smile on her lips and contentment in her heart.

Blutverräter 'Verrä'

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