My body is steel.


Kelmar seems human in appearance, except for the piercing metalic silver of his eyes. His size rivals​ those of the Golterra of Iyodia, towering over most people with his muscular build, topped with a long mane of rust-coloured hair.



Kelmar’s battle cry alone is enough to send enemies running in fear. Those too brave or too foolish not to flee the battlefield before him are cut down by his mighty Soul Blade, an enormous greatsword that he seems to summon out of thin air.

In battle, Kelmar’s skin is known to turn bright silver and become as tough as steel, leading to the nickname The Silver Swordsman, though some have been known to call him The Executioner for his tendency to strike a foe down in a single blow.

Destruction is not his only great skill. Kelmar is also a master craftsman of weaponry, specializing in the forging of blades. He has a fetish-level obsession with swords; nothing throws him into a more violent rage than seeing a blade not properly seen to, and can often be found lecturing others on the proper procedures of caring to their weaponry. He sees dull or rusted swords as the greatest insult imaginable, and the sight of broken blades has even been known to bring tears to his eyes. Kelmar always ensures no blade is abandoned on the battlefield, making sure to collect the weapons of fallen allies and foes alike to reforge and repurpose them for Xin’s Armies.


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