Boons of the Dominus

The enigmatic boon of the cosmos bestows the wielder with certain uncanny abilities. The closer one becomes with the cosmos, the less reality and magic affect them. It is said that the power of the cosmos superior to that of magic and thus aids to counter it’s affects. Harbingers who specialize in this boon gain resistance to magic, and immunity to certain schools like Time, Dimension and others that may distort reality. Specialists also gain the abilities to teleport, plane shift and create their own pocket dimensions.

The unhallowed boon of demon creation grants it’s wielder with the ability to create a plethora of demon spawn and to ability to create hives. After some nurturing, these hives become self sufficient and will produce larger numbers and stronger demons as time goes on. Depending on how far a harbinger has specialized will determine the maximum strength and numbers of their demons.

The intense boon of destruction is the symbol the all mighty Xin’s truest strength. Harbingers may tap into their god’s strength which produces a large reddish-orange eye somewhere on their body. This eye of Xin can remain hidden until called upon. Once activated a harbinger calls forth the destructive essence of their god and unleashes a beam of energy which flows from the eye. Massive harm is inflicted to recipients of this attack. Those who manage to survive it carry scars upon their body and soul.

The profound boon of omniscience grants it’s wielder a high sense and understanding of the reality that surrounds them. A Harbinger that’s been granted this gift can perceive through magical veils, sense the unseen and even gaze into one’s soul. Those who specialize in this boon are able to feel the essence of the realm that they are currently located and can develop an uncanny knowledge of it’s inhabitants, events and inner workings

The brute power of the paragon boon fashions any harbinger into a warrior worthy of serving Xin. The wielder can call upon this gift to increase their physical and mental prowesses. Those who specialize in paragon can hit harder, cast more powerful spells, develop variations to existing abilities and much more. While greatly taxing to their bodies and souls, they can break their limits utterly.

Soul Forge
The chilling boon of Soul Forge enables the wielder to capture and manipulate the souls of their fallen enemies. The depending how far a harbinger is specialized determines the strength and volume of the souls they can trap within themselves. These captures souls can be used in several ways. Souls can be consumed raw by their new owner to heal wounds, regenerate mana or to become temporarily strengthened. A plethora of magical items can be created using the energy of slain foes. Highly specialized individuals can create new life for a captured soul to serve them eternally.

The manipulative boon of Xinfluence of one of lord Xin’s greatest divine abilities. Those who begin to wield it, will find that they develop a natural silver tongue. The confidence of Xin flows through his Harbingers enabling them to handle the most precarious of social situations with ease. Those who specialize in this gift develop the ability to supernaturally sway one’s thoughts. Eventually this power can dominate beings utterly and eternally.

Mechanics -———————————————————————————-


Rank 1:
Stealth: +3
Escape Artist: +3
Alter Reality 1/day: As an Immediate action you may reroll any d20 roll made by yourself, other players or the DM. You must be in line of sight and aware of the action that the d20 roll is associated with to be able to effect it.
Personal Dimension: You have access to extra dimensional space. It acts like a bag of holding type 1 but without needing a physical item.

Rank 2:
Stealth: +5
Escape Artist: +5
Alter Reality: 2/day
Personal Dimension: Bag type 2
Resistances: 1 dot each in Time, Dimension and Divination
Dimension Door: As per the spell. CL = power level.
Dimensional Anchor: As per spell
Greater Dispel: As per spell

Rank 3:
Stealth: 8
Escape Artist: +8
Alter Reality: 3/day as a free action
Personal Dimension: Bag type 4
Resistances: 2 dots each in Time, Dimension and Divination
Spell Resistance: 11
power level
Teleport: As per spell
Greater Dispel: As per spell but no max CL
Dimensional Lock: As per spell

Rank 4:
Stealth: +11
Escape Artist: +11
Alter Reality: 4/day
Personal Dimension: Double parameters of Bag type 4. May obtain an item as a swift action
Resistances: 3 dots each in Time, Dimension and Divination
Spell Resistance: 12 + power level
Greater Teleport: As per spell
Create Demi Plane: As per spell
Teleport Trap: As per spell

Rank 5:
Stealth: +15
Escape Artist: +15
Alter Reality: 5/day
Personal Dimension: Quadruple parameters of Bag type 4. May obtain an item as an immediate action.
Resistances: 4 dots each in Time, Dimension and Divination
Spell Resistance: 13 + power level
Interplanetary Teleport: As per spell.
Mage’s Disjunction: As per spell

Destruction straight up grants the power of eye lasers. With each rank the you must select a new shape for the eye laser. The shapes are: Ranged Touch attack, Line, Cone, radius and burst centered on self. The damage increases for each rank and the con and cha damage increases each rank. The DC for this ability is 10+rank+power level. Reflex for half damage, fortitude save to negate con damage and will to negate cha damage.

Rank1: 1d6 per power level
Rank2: 1d8 per power level
Rank3: 1d10 per power level
Rank4: 2d6 per power level
Rank5: 2d8 per power level

Con/Cha damage
Rank1: 1d2
Rank2: 1d3
Rank3: 1d4
Rank4: 1d6
Rank5: 2d4


Rank1: 30ft radius on self
Rank2: 45ft radius on self
Rank3: 60ft radius on self
Rank4: 75ft radius on self
Rank5: 90ft radius on self

Rank1: 60ft
Rank2: 90ft
Rank3: 120ft
Rank4: 150ft
Rank5: 180ft

Rank1: 60ft
Rank2: 120ft
Rank3: 240ft
Rank4: 480ft
Rank5: 960ft

Rank1: 30ft radius, 100ft range
Rank2: 45ft radius, 200ft range
Rank3: 60ft radius, 200ft + 5ft per power level range
Rank4: 75ft radius, 200ft + 10ft per power level range
Rank5: 90ft radius, 400ft + 25ft per power level range

Ranged touch attack:
Rank1: 50ft + 5ft per power level
Rank2: 100ft + 10ft per power level
Rank3: 400ft + 10ft per power level
Rank4: 400ft + 25ft per power level
Rank5: 1000ft + 25ft per power level


Rank 1:
Perception +3
Sense Motive +3
Linguistics: +3
Knowledge Reality: +5
Initiative: +2
Uncanny dodge
Darkvision 60ft

Rank 2:
Perception +5
Sense Motive +5
Linguistics: +5
Knowledge Reality: +10
Initiative: +4
Improved uncanny dodge
Soul Sight
Darkvision 120ft
1st level and lower “detect” spells – permanent

Rank 3
Perception +8
Sense Motive +8
Linguistics: +8
Knowledge Reality: +15
Initiative: +6
Blind Sense 30ft
3rd level and lower “detect” spells – permanent
Greater Scry

Rank 4
Perception +11
Sense Motive +11
Linguistics: +11
Knowledge Reality: +20
Initiative: +8
Blind sense 60ft
Blindsight 60ft
True Seeing
Arcane Sight

Rank 5
Perception +15
Sense Motive +15
Linguistics: +15
Knowledge Reality: +30
Initiative: +20
Blindsight 120ft
Discern Location

Paragon grants the user a custom buff that is built by spending an amount of experience points that is allotted by each rank. All experience spent on paragon must be for combat purposes. Each rank indicates the duration of this effect and the appropriate action needed to activate it.

Rank 1: 30exp, standard action, 3+1/4 power level rounds per day
Rank 2: 50exp, move action, 3+1/2 power level rounds per day
Rank 3: 70exp, Swift Action, 5+ power level rounds per day
Rank 4: 90exp, Immediate Action, 5 + double power level rounds per day
Rank 5: 120exp, free action, 10 + double power level rounds per day

Soul Forge
Soul Forge grants the user several abilities. The first is the ability to absorb souls of the dead and keep them for later use. The second is to expend souls to prevent damage to your character. The third is to grant you character attribute bonuses. The fourth is to craft magic items using souls, and the fifth is to true resurrect a soul in your possession.

When a character absorbs souls she accumulates soul points “SP”. Different amount of soul points will be accumulated depending on the strength of the individual absorbed.

Experience Points | Soul Points
1-49 | 1
50-99 | 10
100-199 | 100
200-299 | 1,000
300-424 | 10,000
425-849 | 100,000
850+ | 1,000,000

Depending on the rank there is a cap to how many soul points a character can accumulate.

Rank 1: 1,000 sp
Rank 2: 10,000 sp
Rank 3: 100,000 sp
Rank 4: 1,000,000 sp
Rank 5: 10,000,000 sp

As an immediate action, a character using soul forge can spend soul points to gain temporary hit points. These temporary hit points last 1 round. This ability can only be used once every 1d4+1 rounds.

Temporary Hit Points | Cost (Soul Points)

10 | 50
25 | 100
50 | 1000
100 | 10,000
200 | 100,000
500 | 1,000,000

Depending on the total amount of Soul Points a character possesses, she Will be granted attribute bonuses.

Attribute Bonuses | Total Soul Points

2 | 100
2 | 1,000
4,2,2,2 | 10,000
4,4,2,2,2 | 100,000
4,4,2,2,2 | 1,000,000
8,6,6,4,4,4 | 10,000,000

A soul forger can make any magic item they desire. The character must spend soul points equal to the item’s gold value in the player’s hand book. This process takes 1 day per 1000 gold that the item costs.

An expert in Soul Forge can true resurrect individuals. This costs a certain amount of soul points depending on how powerful the individual is. After being resurrected, the subject is compelled to obey your every command. This ability is only available at rank 3 and above.

Experience of Character | Soul Point Cost | Time

1-49 | 10 | 1 round
50-99 | 100 | 2 rounds
100-199 | 1,000 | 1 Minute
200-299 | 10,000 | 1 hour
300-424 | 100,000 | 1 day
425-849 | 1,000,000 | 1 week

Boons of the Dominus

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