In the Xinivian Empire the title of exarch is on par with titles that other societies give to their deities. exarchs are the closest beings to the Dominus within the church of Xin. They are so close that they are worshiped by Xinites and have a share in the pool of divine power that flows from Xin.

The exarch positions are the highest ranks attainable within the empire for both religion and military. exarchs may be placed in a number of positions of power based on their skill set and ability. For some examples; exarchs may lead fleets into battle, govern entire conquered worlds, or even be in charge of how the doctrine is preached to the masses.

Exarchs have four levels in their hierarchy starting with Exarch then High Exarch, Supreme Exarch and lastly Exarch Ultimus. The beings in each higher tier tend to be more powerful and have a greater amount of worship.

Exarch Ultimus

The Exarch Ultimi are the four most powerful beings in all of the Xnivian Empire. They hold supreme authority over church and state and only answer to Dominus Xin Himself. They are greatly worshiped and rival or exceed the power of gods from other worlds.

Xereanorexius – Ambition

Xydorn – Strength

Shaeliel – Cunning

Calypsa’jin – Emotion

Supreme Exarch

Amakiir – Fortune

Dymexian – Revels

Hakan -

Jonas Swift – Trickery

Karmin – Magic

Kepesk – Tenacity

Neliana – Leadership

Richter – Nature

Xaldin – Battle

High Exarch


Novalius – Pain




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