The Upheaval

A great war was fought on the world of Iyodia between Dominus Xin and his sister Proditores Rei. The Dominus foresaw the dangers the multiverse posed to Iyodia and wished to expand the world’s influence and gain allies against the cosmic threat. The Proditores on the other hand was blissfully ignorant to their situation and was complacent with Iyodia as it was. Her naive views would leave the world helpless and unprepared to invaders.

Alas a divide formed within the populace of Iyodia and fierce battles were fought. The Proditores and her champions ultimately were fighting a losing war against the Dominus and his loyal creations; the seven Catastrophes. As the war seemed like it was concluding Rei and her forces wished to surrender to the overwhelming might of Xin. It was then at the meeting between the gods, that Xin was grievously wounded by his own creations. The catastrophes were secretly tainted by Rei and were offered power if they were to betray their leader.

With their leader weakened by this cowardly act, the Proditores banished Xin and his followers to a distant world. This world was Kulakas now know as Xinivia.

The natives of this new world did not welcome their new guests and again Xin and his followers were thrown into endless battles. The war for Xinivia dragged on for four years until Xin recovered from his wounds and victory was won.

It was from that day that the Xinivian Empire and Xinism were founded. The Dominus commenced his vision of unifying the multiverse and making the Iyodians pay for their treachery.

The Upheaval

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